Worlds Best Brats Competition - CANCELLED

The World's Best Brat Competition For 2012 has been CANCELLED by the Watertown Tourism Council and the Watertown Area Chamber Executive Board.
To see a list of the Bratwurst Vendors
Public Can Sample Bratwurst From Noon to 7:00pm
The General public will also be able to vote for their favorite Bratwurst on the day of the event.

The 2012 brat taste sampling is only available while the bratwurst vendors supplies last and start at noon and end at 7pm.

Get there early and stay all day with plenty of great entertainment and fun for the entire family.
Rules and Regulations
Bratwurst Entrants
All entrants must be considered certified food manufacturers abiding and following all USDA regulations applicable to commercial production of foods for consumer consumption. All entries must be produced in a certified kitchen and/or by certified co-packer.

You may enter one product in each of our 3 categories Traditional Bratwurst, Alternative Bratwurst. Example of “Alternative” would be Bratwurst with Fruit, Bratwurst with Cheese and Non Traditional bratwurst, turkey, tofu etc...

All entrants will supply samples of each product entry so our judges can taste and score the product samples.

All category entries must be cooked on site at the Watertown Wisconsin Airport on the day of the event.

All food products must be labeled with ingredients and nutritional information along with the name of the product and category of entry.

All bratwurst entered into the Bratwurst Competition will be judged as is and without condiments.

All bratwurst entered into the Bratwurst Competition must include a 200 words or less marketing statement of the product to be judged and tasted against the written statement. Marketing statements must also be submitted with vendor sign up form.

Each award given, one in each category will be based on blind tastings by the competition judges. The bratwurst description must describe the product, but cannot give the company or product name or appear on company letterhead.

Overall Grand Prize of “Bragging Rights” of The World's best Bratwurst!
You do not need to enter separately for this award. If you entered in any category you are automatically eligible for the Overall Grand Prize award. This prize is awarded to the single product with the highest overall score across all categories.

Judging Criteria, Procedures
All product sampling will be conducted under the strictest of standards using fair, impartial and blind judging methods. All staff members of the Worlds Best Brat Competition will be excluded from judging. The decision of the judging committee is final, may not be contested.

The judging panel will be made up of food industry professionals, including chefs, restaurant owners, celebrities, culinary instructors, food writers, food manufactures not entered in the contest, and other industry leader and professionals.

Products in the competition will be judged on the following criteria: appearance, aroma, texture, flavor, and overall impression.

Score sheets are tabulated by the total score for each entry and divided by the number of judging sheets for products to get an overall average score.

Each entry is judged in a blind tasting using a numbered method to represent each entry. Judges are not allowed to see any indication of the brand, owner, or the manufacturer of the products.
In Case of Tie
One judging method will be eliminated until a winner is determined.

Winners Announcements
Winners will be announced the day of the event at the Worlds Best Brat Competition. During the announcement of the winning products, the awards will be presented to the winners.

Organizers of the Worlds Best Bratwurst Competition will not be held responsible for entries and reserve the right the refuse any product entries that in their judgment may present a health hazard. All declared winners are final. No leftover product will be returned. All entry fees are non-refundable.

In any event, all interpretations of the rules and final decisions will rest completely with the judges. The decisions of the judges are binding, conclusive and final in all matters.

By signing the entry form you understand the rules and agree to abide by the decision of the judges.

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